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"From Inspiration to Realization"

  • Hi! I am Anton,
    For over ten years, I have been assisting clients in designing and creating stunning, functional bathrooms and transforming their flooring to enhance the overall appearance of their homes.
about my business

---I have gained experience in several countries and many areas of construction. As a result, I was the most inspired to work on new bathroom and floor designs. I am constantly studying new approaches and technologies in this area, but I carefully select only those that have proven themselves over many years and are not overrated through marketing. I have access to several of my works made more than five years ago, which are still in excellent condition.

---I usually work alone, but I can attract reliable assistants for complex tasks. This allows you to feel comfortable throughout the entire repair process and will enable me to concentrate and be confident that all stages of the work are completed flawlessly.

---I listen carefully to the needs of my clients and am ready to offer solutions for any budget. I do not work on the “best price” principle despite this. I aim to provide the highest quality of work and materials for the agreed-upon price.

I am confident that my work will exceed your expectations.

How it works?
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We will discuss the design and required materials. I will identify the best solutions for your idea from a magazine or for an optimal budget. Perhaps even both.
You can expect to receive a text with the estimate to your phone number within one day.
Take a rest
I will assist with the procurement and delivery of materials. I will handle all dismantling and garbage removal tasks. Additionally, I will manage all aspects of the project, including plumbing, electrical work, framing, and tiling. There's no need to search for other contractors. I will ensure the room is left clean and covered with protective compounds upon completion.
Why You Can Trust Me

---With over ten years of construction experience, I strive to stand behind the quality of my work and offer an extended warranty for added peace of mind.

---I am proud of my commitment to not outsourcing tasks to unfamiliar contractors. A dedicated team of professionals carries my work out.

---You can expect transparent pricing with no hidden costs when you choose me. You pay only for the work completed; the final price is announced in advance.

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